City of Burnaby: Willingdon Linear Park

Skills: Camera Operator, Director, DOP, Editor
Client: City of Burnaby

Jon Ross Films and City of Burnaby, over the course of the past years, have collaborated on several projects, but this one is probably one of my favorite, to date.

Initially we got hired to film the construction of the new Willingdon Linear Park, in Burnaby. Not long after, the project turned into something bigger. We met Cos, a third generation Willingdon resident, and his daughter. Cos and his family spent the majority of their lives, right in front of Willingdon Avenue. They saw it changing year after year.

After I heard how much this park will change his daughter life, I decided to include his story in the project.

His daughter Donna, who gets around on a wheelchair, will be able to get to the mall and other stores, way easier and safer than ever before. Their stories touched me deeply and this is what I put together:


Thank you again Natola family.