Harbour Cruises

Skills: Camera Operator, Editor

Projects like these make me love my job. What’s better than a tour on a boat, visiting the surroundings of Vancouver? This combined to your favorite buddies, equals good times.

Had so much fun doing this one, can’t wait for the next collaboration!

I’ve edited two versions, and collected different feedbacks, which one do you like the most?


PS. I came back those days, with so many stock shots, so many


We also took a bunch of new photos for Harbour Cruises, thanks to Kyle Lee



Not completely satisfied, we came back on the boat, with Jon’s GoPro Fusion with an idea in mind: a hyper lapse from the boat, all around Downtown Vancouver.

Many great elements are making of this hyper lapse one of the best ones you can find on the web:

  • amazing, almost perfect stability from start to finish
  • it’s not a flat hyper lapse, it’s a 360 degrees one, take a look around yourself
  • downtown’s beauty at sunset is just gold
  • it’s one of the best way you can cruise around downtown Vancouver from everywhere you want

please, take a minute and enjoy the cruise