Red Bull Erzberg Rodeo 2017

Skills: Camera Operator

Red Bull Erzberg Rodeo 2017!

One of my favorite hard enduro event. This year I had the possibility to cover the event in collaboration with The project is about Gio Sala (enduro legend) coaching Aimone dal Pozzo (the rider) in collaboration with Volkswagen commercial vehicles.

Gio won the race in 1998 and through the episodes he’s going to share his experience with Aimone and manage to get the best out of the race.

The coming episodes are about their journey to Eisenerz (home of Erzberg mining compound), the prologues days and the final race!

There were more than 1800 participants but only 500 will ride on sunday for the Red Bull Hare Scramble. Finish the race it’s hard, get the first place almost impossible.


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