Seat Ateca – Barcellona!

Skills: Camera Operator, DOP

Me with DJI Ronin and Alberto Capra recording audio

With my pleasure I present you my best job done so far (@2017/01/16).

We shot in Barcelona for Seat. They put out on the market the new Ateca and we did a touristic tour around the city driving it!

In collaboration with the fashion blogger, travel blogger Federica di Nardo (here’s her crazy IG profile!!! ) and our journalist Matteo Valenti we drove for almost 5 days straight, filming 12 hours+ a day with only one camera operator. Me.

We rent from Motor Option Barcelona ( one of their beautiful vehicles for all the camera car footage we wanted to shoot.
It was a low level pickup with the possibility to customize the back of the pickup with different pipes positions, heights etc.

I really enjoyed. The Motor Option BCN team is great! always ready to help you out. Thanks Santi and Toni ;)

We shot mostly with Panasonic GH4 with its 12-35 mm f2.8 or Metabones + Canon L series lenses such as 70-200 f2.8 or the 17-40 f4.0.

Stabilized by my DJI Ronin, no stabilization in post required :-)

Because the strict laws in Barcellona we weren’t able to fly over the city with a drone, so we bought some aerials footage from Shutterstock.

All the night shots come from the Sony A7S II (of course). This camera is incredible. I used the 17-40 f4.0! Not even that fast! Awesome


We came back home with a total of 600GB of footage to edit as fast as we could. We respected the delivery and since one week later we started publishing on YouTube the first episode. Every week an episode came out.

Luca Catasta edited the four videos. He really did an awesome and sick edit. Good job

Now it’s time to show you my latest big job. Hope you enjoy:



1st Episode:

2nd Episode:

3rd Episode:

4th Episode:


Our photographer as usual was Fabio Principe:




Some behind the scenes:

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